Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to Start a Wordpress Blog with Assist Blogger

A blog is really a straightforward web site, written inside the form of a diary. The simplicity in its structure its what makes it stand out from the rest. Blogs have turn into pretty popular within the last couple of years.

Lots of existing web-sites have changed their whole structure into a blogging 1; This change results in several advantages, such as much better management, a lot easier content publication and greater search engine optimization.To begin a weblog, you might have many no cost choices, but I personally recommend you host your own weblog, in place of applying no cost

blogging web-sites. My recommendation comes along with my private knowledge blogging. Several free blogs, like the ones identified in wordpress, blogger, etc. are restricted to the user’s agreement from each and every blogging service, and for that reason, could limit your capacity to monetize your blog. After all, who doesn’t prefer to be paid for one’s efforts even when its a hobby? That’s the principle cause I propose you own your personal “dot com” blog and not host it with cost-free solutions.

How To Start a blog and start off your individual Dot Com Weblog?

Step 1: Choose a Good Domain Name – You will get low-priced domain names on the net. Try Godaddy by way of example, and search for coupons on the net to have discounts for the domain registration.

Step two: You may need a hosting account- The hosting account is often a server space or laptop you rent space from, in order that your web page files is often stored and each time someone sorts your blog’s address, they see can basically see your weblog.You’ll want to get low cost hosting 1st (under $5 a month with Hostgator) till you may need a lot more energy to run your blog (when your weblog keeps expanding, the number of guests will boost and you’ll need to have a better hosting service). Until then, stick with all the shared hosting atmosphere, it ought to hold your blog alive for a minimum of a year.

Step three: Now which you possess a domain name in addition to a hosting account, you’ll want to configure your domain name server, to ensure that it points for your hosting account. Within your domain registrar’s account, you should be capable to alter your “Nameservers”. This is a quick url your hosting business assigns you in order for the domain to point to their very own servers. Just input your hosting name server address (NS1 and NS2 in most cases) and also you really should wait 24 hours or less till they propagate and you will be capable of start out utilizing the account.

Step four: Following your name servers propagate, you will now want to login into your handle panel (cpanel -usually located at Once logged in, the easiest strategy to install the WordPress Weblog Platform is by way of “fantastico”. Fantastico is really a neat small tool identified inside the cpanel, that allows you to install the whole blogging platform having a single click. Now look for the fantastico icon and click on it. You will see a menu around the left side with various computer software categories. Locate the Blog category and try to find “WordPress”, click on it and install it. kind your blog’s address inside the browser to make sure it installed correctly.

Step Five: Now that your blogging platform is installed, you could now proceed to log in to your blog’s administration and get to know the interface. To add a brand new post, merely click around the “add new” under the “Post” submenu in the left. When you open it, you’ll notice it really is pretty related to any word processing application. You’ll be able to add text, adjust the text properties, size, colour, and font. It is possible to add photographs, position them and resize them. Write a test post and click the “publish” button to create it public.

Step Six: Congratulations in your new weblog! Now go ahead and alter themes to make it appear better (tons of no cost themes at and customize it with widgets, plugins and most importantly, add new fresh and original content just about every week.

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