Monday, 10 November 2014

Basics of the New Blogger Dashboard

The Old blogger Dashboard is going to be removed soon, I thought there might be plenty of bloggers who aren’t familiar with the new Blogger User Interface yet. So I came up with the idea to make and share a tutorial that would have all the basics of the new dashboard. In this tutorial you would learn how to upload or restore a template, backup a template, edit a template and how to delete and recover a blog on the New Blogger User Interface.

How to Back up or Upload/Restore a Template on the New Blogger UI?

To backup or upload a template downloaded from the web to your blog on the new User interface, you’d need to follow the steps below

    Go to Blogger >> Template.
    On the top right corner you’d find Backup/Restore, click on that.
    To Download the Template that you’re currently using on your blog, click on the Download Full Template.
    To Upload a new Template, click on choose file, then upload the .xml file and you’re done.

How to Edit a Template on the New Blogger UI?

To Edit your current template’s HTML, you need to follow the steps below

    Go to Blogger >> Template.
    Click on the Edit HTML button and proceed to the HTML of your Blog.

How to delete and restore a blog on the new Blogger UI?

Sometimes you might need to delete a blog from your dashboard which you’re not using, follow the steps below to delete a blog on the new UI.

    Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Other.
    On the top center you will find “Delete Blog” click on that.
    On the new Popup window, Click on “Delete this Blog“. You can restore your deleted blog within 90 days or it would be removed for ever and then anyone would be able to use that address.

Those were the extreme basics of the new blogger dashboard to learn because they are used by bloggers frequently. I hope you like this tutorial, stay tuned!


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