Monday, 10 November 2014

How to recover Email address of your Blogger blogs

These days many people are using Blogger platform to create a blog. Blogger is own to Google Inc. So you are given away many services when you create a new Google account ( Gmail, Blogger, Drive, Code, Feedburner,Wallet, YouTube etc.).  An individual person might have more than one Google account. For instance, if you use Google apps so you have another Google account for your business. I personally know some people have more than two-three Google accounts. They use each account for different purposes. If you’re one like them, you might forget the passwords of some accounts. Also if you’re a blogger you might have many blogs in each account. So in some cases, you would be forgotten which blogger account has the blog established or what blog has been created in which account. So here we have found the best and 100% working method to find the email address of your blogger blog.

How to recover Email address of your Blogger blogs
1: Go to this URL:

2: Now you will see a web page like below. On this page, you can find the forgotten Google email address of the blog or existing blogs in each account.

3: Now type your blog’s primary URL. Ex: =   Then click on “LOOKUP” button.

4: In next page opening in same window, you will be notified that an email was sent to your account. Now log in to each Google account you have and check the Inbox. You would be received an email form blogger slightly similar to below one.

 Now you can log in to your Google account and find the blog which you want to update.

By using second option you can find the forgotten URL of a blog. Just type your Email address and click on "LOOKUP" button.

Blogger is one of most popular blogging platforms. Your blog is secured until your Google account is active. Anyone can not hack or delete your blog. So you can find your blog's email address by using this method.

What methods do you use for finding the forgotten email address of your blogger account ? If you use different method,please share it with us.Happy blogging pals :)


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