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Google Algorithm Give Local Searches More Importance

According to Google, 95% of the customers look for local businesses online. Another fact has it that 73% of online activity is related to local content. Since Google is the only search giant that boasts of a 66% share in the market, we can only assume the facts are accurate. But one thing is for certain - local businesses stand to gain much with online promotion. And since Google just released a new algorithm to provide more useful and relevant local search results to users, this area has now become very important for local business owners to look at.

The new algorithm aims to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. This means that they'll be ranked in much the same as normal search results.

For now, the changes will only effect Google Maps and Google Web search results - no news or in-depth article results, no image or video results.

According to Google, the new local search algorithm ties deeper into their web search capabilities, including the hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search. It also takes other signals into account, such as Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and more.

Furthermore, the algorithm is supposed to improve Google's distance and location ranking parameters, which means it gives local businesses such as shops, restaurants, and so on to attract a lot of local customers living nearby.

Right now, the new algorithm is only being tested out for U.S. (English) search results. There hasn't been an update on if, and when Google will roll the update to more countries and languages. But it's gotta be soon, we estimate a few weeks or months at most.

Right now, there has not been an indication of the percent of total queries impacted by this algorithm. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but some local businesses may suddenly notice an increase or decrease in traffic, leads or conversions.

If you deal in local business, and have seen an increase or decrease in traffic lately, let us know about it in the comments section below! All the best :)

Top WordPress Responsiveness Plugins

wordpress Responsiveness
The trend of using mobile devices to search for content online is steadily on the rise, and gaining momentum. The focus is now centering more towards responsiveness and adaptability, which means that more content needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Re-developing an entire site to make it responsive can be a major pain. But if you run WordPress, there are various plugins options you can try to make your website responsive.


A great plugin that can single-handedly launch your website into outer space, i.e. towards the top of Google SERPs. It is like the supermarket you need around your neighborhood - an all-in-one package that your site can't do without.

JetPack comes with a bunch of over 3 dozen features, only one of which is a mobile responsive design for your website. Frankly speaking, this can be a menace if your website is already mobile-optimized, in which case you should turn the feature off. Otherwise, use it to get the most out of your mobile viewers.

Other features include pre-built customizable contact forms, beautiful image galleries, site speed accelerator, Google+ integration, and much more! Best of all, they're all free! You're not a WordPress junkie unless you've used this plugin.

WPtouch Mobile

WPtouch Mobile is used by over 5.5 Million blogs, and is a mobile-responsive focused suite with a complete theme. And a pretty good one too, with various enhancements and touch support.

The plugin features 'Infinity Cache' which uses mobile caching to make your website blazing fast. Images are scaled via CSS and the plugin delivers mobile-optimized images according to the device.

WP Mobile Detector

The plugin automatically detects the device accessing your WordPress website and loads a compatible mobile theme, depending on the device. It features advanced analytics, covers more than 5000+ mobile phones, formats content to suit mobile devices, and also comes with seven pre-installed mobile themes.
Ideal For: WP Mobile Detector is best choice for you if you have a non-smartphone audience. This plugin will detect whether request coming from a smart phone OR a standard mobile phone and loads a compatible mobile theme for even standard mobile phone users.

WordPress Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition turns your existing website into a purely mobile version. It has a mode switcher, which automatically detects devices while also letting users switch to whatever version they want (between desktop and mobile). The standard mobile theme is lightweight and quick to load. It also comes with device adaptation, smart formatting, full commenting system, and eight different color schemes. The theme is SEO-ready and is equipped with mobile advertising (in case you want to).

The future calls for responsive or dedicated mobile designs, faster websites, optimized content rendering, and enhanced UI. Have you used any of these plugins to enhance your website? Got any better suggestion? Please feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Cheers :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How Social Media Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

How Social Media Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings
 Now more than ever, marketing experts are improving their marketing strategy with fewer resources, and they are shifting marketing budgets from traditional to digital tactics like search engine optimization and social media. Companies, too often, omit their social media marketing strategy from their SEO strategy, which is a grave mistake. A study  conducted by Ascend2 indicates that companies with the strongest SEO via social media strategies now produce the best results, and vice-versa. Companies that consider themselves “very successful” at search engine optimization are integrating social media into their strategy, whereas, companies that are “not successful” at search engine optimization are not integrating social media into their strategy.

See the graph below:

In the above graph, companies with successful SEO are in blue while those companies with an inferior SEO strategy are in amber. You can see 38% of those doing very well with search engine optimization were also extensively integrating social media. A full 50% of those doing poorly at search engine optimization were not integrating social media at all in their strategy. This graph signifies that companies that are succeeding in search engine optimization today are including social in their strategy.
SEO is much more than just high ranking in Google. It is a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive approach to website optimization that ensures potential customers, who come to your website, will have an excellent experience, easily find what they are looking for, and have an easy time sharing your optimum-quality content. The combination of SEO and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be overwhelming for big as well as small business marketers. Until recently, search engine optimization and social media marketing were thought of as two very different things, but actually these are two sides of the same coin. Consider the below mentioned social network growth statistics:

YouTube hosts nearly 14 billion videos. Source: comScore
Google sites handle about 100 billion searches each month. Source: SEL
Facebook is now over 1 billion users. Source: Mark Zuckerberg
Twitter has over 550 million accounts. Source: Statistics Brain
Google+ has over 500 million users. Source: Google
LinkedIn is at 225 million users. Source: LinkedIn
Pinterest grew 4,377% in 2012 and continues to expand with 25 million users. Source: TechCrunch
Following statistics shows how social media is quite helpful in effective search engine optimization:
94% increase in CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) when search and social media are used together. Source: eMarketer

50% of consumers use a combination of search and social media to make purchase decisions. Source: Inc
Consumers who use social media (vs. people who don’t) are 50% more likely to use search. Source: srcibd
Websites with a Google+ business page yield a 15% rise in search rank. Source: Open Forum

With these statistics, we can say that social media can be a primary engine for promoting new content and can take your website from zero visibility to a strong performing position almost overnight. For enhancing SEO through social media platform two factors plays a vital role, which are social signals and natural link building. I have explained these two factors in an elaborative manner:

What’s Your Social Signal?

Social Signals are signals to various search engines that your content or information is valuable. Every time someone likes, shares, tweets or +1′s content about your brand, especially a link, they are sending a social signal and the more social signals means you have better chances to rank high on search engine result pages. Many researchers have found that social shares are quite valuable when it comes to building your website authority. Here is the latest research from Searchmetrics, highlighting which social signals correlate to rankings on Google:

Note that 7 out of the top 9 factors are social signals. Now, it’s clear that social signals can have a huge impact on your search rankings, especially social signals from Google+. If you do not have time to leverage all of the social networking sites, then make sure that Google+ is one of the few you do use because it will play the biggest part in increasing your rankings on search engines. Top social signals that Google is tracking on your website are mentioned below:


Google+ is a fledgling community when it is compared to social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter, but its social signals have the most impact on search ranking results. Some factors that you should look at are:

Amount of +1s- You need to start distinguishing +1 to your website in general and +1 to each pieces of your content. You should increase +1s to your brand/your authorship profile. This also applies to +1s on Local+ pages.
Authority of +1s- If your profile or brand gets more +1, then you will get to rank higher and easier for the future content you produce.
Growth rate of +1s- You should strategize a plan that will increase your +1 steadily over an extended period of time.
Amount of Adds and Shares- How many people are following and sharing your content tells about how authoritative you are.
Authority of Adds and Shares- Who is following you is also important. A network with people with great profiles helps you to establish a voice.


The king of social networking sites, Facebook has an active community of over 900 million. Millions of active users make it a perfect platform for generating social signals. Various researches have shown that Facebook influences more search rankings as compare to Google+ or Twitter. Some factors that you should look at are:
Amount of Shares and Likes- You should remember that “shares” carry more weight than “likes”.
Amount of Comments- The collective amount of likes, shares and comments correlate the closest with search ranking.


Twitter is second only to Facebook and boasts 500 million users that are constantly “tweeting”, status updates and events in real time. Twitter users, known as “tweeps”, puts more premium on a tweet’s authority rather than sheer amount; though the overall social signals generated by it lags just a little behind Facebook. On twitter you should look at some factors like:

  • Authority of followers, mentions and retweets
  • Number of followers, mentions and retweets
  • Speed and intensity of tweets and RT over time

Other social websites like Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and FourSquare

The big three, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, play quite important role when it comes to social ranking factors, but you should not ignore the potential of other user-driven social websites like Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and FourSquare. On these social networking sites you should look at following factors:

  • Amount of Pins and re-pins on Pinterest
  • Comments on Pinterest
  • Growth rate of Pins and Re-pins
  • Check-ins on Foursquare
  • Spread rate of check-ins at FourSquare
  • Upvotes on Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon
  • Comments on Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon

Link Development through Social Media

The traditional way of link building like en-masse link directories, spammy comments, forum-posts for the sake of links, and anchor text sculpting are over now. In the modern era, the powerful way to build link is effective content marketing strategy. People love informative and quality content, and they love sharing content. Social media sites are one of the best platforms for content marketing, in this way these are quite important for natural link development.

How to build natural and quality links through Social Media Platforms

There are two tactics that will help you immensely in earning quality and natural links through Social Medial Platforms are:

Link-building through interaction and community engagement

If you’re link-building but never building relationships or never interacting with people, you’re not really link building: you are spamming. If you interact with people who might care about your brand, you can gain a cutting edge over other competitors. Meaningful interactions with audience in your niche prove your credibility and will lead to more authority links.
You can also get links through interaction from a popular site or a popular brand, when they post to their Facebook page, make a Google+ post, launch a new blog post, or put up a new video on YouTube. In this case, I also recommend you to interact early and often. Early because a lot of times, being in the first five or ten comments, interactions, or engagements really helps you to be seen by the editors who are almost always watching. When you do such interaction, make sure you are adding value, by doing this you make yourself stand out in the comments. You can add value by doing a little bit of detailed research and by making the conversation more interesting. By posting great comments, you will create interest in target customers and they often click your profile that will latently earn you some links. In addition to this, you can also offer help to other people and you can help people without being asked. This is a great way to drive links back to your own site and you can do this, not just on blog posts, but on Google+ posts, Facebook pages, and YouTube comments.

Link building through quality content

In addition to gaining links from popular sites, you can also earn links by posting qualitative and linkable content on social media platforms. If you create content that people find valuable and informative, they are more likely to want to share it. What people find valuable can vary, but optimum quality blog posts and infographics that provide well-researched information, statistics, and new angles on a subject are all good starting points. A good and informative video that attracts viewers’ attention is eminently shareable, which is one reason nearly 87% of agency and brand marketers now creating video for content marketing. When someone reads your quality and informative content on social media sites and finds it of valuable, it is more likely that they will want to link to it.

In order to give your informative content the best chance of reaching a wide audience, you should identify the key influencers or target audience in your field. In this way, you will be able to target your efforts effectively. Facebook and Twitter are the two go-to social media platforms for most people but you should also seek out targets on other platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. In addition to this, if you are marketing within specific regions, you might want to channel your efforts to the most popular websites in each market. For example, VK is the preferred social media website in Russia, while Orkut can help extend your reach within Brazil and India.

You can also use various tools and services that can help you find the best targets. For example Followerwonk offers a Twitter analytics service and it can help you to compare and sort followers by looking at data such as social authority scores and the percentage with URLs. Furthermore, you can also gauge reactions to your own tweets by monitoring your activity alongside current follower numbers. Apart from this, Fresh Web Explorer is a handy tool, as it searches for mentions of your brand, company or other keyword and automatically matches this with ‘feed authority’. In this way, you can sort key influencers from those with less perceived authority that will allow you to target your efforts more effectively.

Now, it is clear that social media is an essential part of search engine optimization. Following diagram explains you a blueprint of how social media supports SEO:

Quality Content gets published- One of the best ways to increase quality traffic to your website is to publish sharable, useful and relevant content on social media sites.

Content gets Shares, Links, & Likes- As you start publishing your company’s blog posts or research work on a regular basis and spreading it across the social networking sites, your content will start generating shares, links, and “likes”.

Sites Gain Subscriptions while Social Profiles get Fans & Followers- As a result, your site’s blog will gain more subscribers and your social media channels will gain more followers, fans, and connections.

Thriving Community Supporting the Website & Social Networks Grows- A thriving community of people who are interested in your user-focused content develops and starts to thrive.

Reputation Reinforced through Social Media & SEO as Authoritative Brand for the Niche- Signals are sent to various search engines about your activity on social media platforms and your keyword-rich and informative content. Your website starts being viewed as reputable, relevant, and authoritative.

Sites Gain Authority in Search Engines- As a result, your website and its informative and quality content starts appearing higher and more frequently in the top rankings and listings of search engines for your keyword phrases and targeted keywords.

Sustainable Stream of Users Discover the Site organically- A consistently growing stream of users will begin discovering the website via the social media sites, search engines, and your email marketing efforts.

Six Blogging Tools to Start a Free Blog

Six Blogging Tools
As up to date innovation has progressed, presenting web blogs has developed more than previously.

Today, anyone with a blog can distribute articles effortlessly.

Assuming that or when you have been pondering on how to begin a blog for nothing”,then this article will give you tools which you can use on how to start a blog for free.

Microblogging Tools

Assuming that you might want to begin composing your sentiments however would prefer not to compose a critical substance, microblogging could be for you. Microblogging is basically like blogging aside from the posts are much shorter. Assuming that or when you are a blogging tenderfoot, you may accept that it is supportive to join one of the microblogging destinations beneath before you begin your web journal:

a). – Twitter is around the most mainstream microblogging stage because of VIP support. By method for a straight send setup and moderate configuration, Twitter gives you a chance to tell the world what you are really completing in one hundred forty throws or less.

b). – If you require a page you have the capacity to overhaul through email, Posterous is your stage. You don’t even need to make a record. Simply email Posterous the content, pictures or maybe motion picture and it will immediately style and post the substance to your site page. Posterous will likewise dispatch an upgrade to your particular systems administration records like Twitter, Facebook, and additionally Flickr that you have posted just took the ribbon off new substance.

c). – Much like Posterous, Tumblr empowers you to post content, pictures and film. Tumblr yet has existed more terrific and has now a greater number of customers than Posterous.

Setting up A Blog webpage

Assuming that in the event that you begin on using microblogging instruments and run across that you require more developed levels on the best way to “begin an online journal for nothing”, so you may modify your page, then organising a full-fledged website is the result. You can make a free weblog at:

a). – Purchased by Google, Blogger permits everybody to make your website in under a moment. All you have to perform is subscribe to a record, choose when you need to purchase an area name, pick the look you will need, and begin blogging.

b). WordPress – WordPress comes in 2 tastes. is like Blogger, just with additional qualities. Any individual can begin a record in inside moment and begin posting online journals. is free of expense, open source programming that anyone can get and also introduce inside their web host. Numerous expert bloggers utilize the WordPress programming to work their destinations.

c). – Weebly is a simple to-utilize framework which permits you to plan the website by dragging and likewise dropping the characteristics you favor straightforwardly into the page outline. When you require a no irritate site through a website tha you can make in less than 5 minutes, look at Weebly.

In the event that you’ve been understanding to test blogs, this is a brilliant way for you to start. With a considerable measure of complimentary instruments to make your own particular blog, you can begin on composing substance rapidly.

With this short article you know serval things about How to start a blog for free, if you like this article please share it with your friends on facebook and twitter.

Ten Reasons To Use SEO Software or Tool

Reasons To Use SEO Software or Tool
Are you currently sick and tired with endless days and weeks of boring Seo operate? A large number of people locate themselves entirely bogged down in on and on checking of their internet site rankings, sending many requests for link exchange and trying to come across the best keywords and phrases for optimization within the hope of producing their goods sell like hot cakes or attracting flows of targeted visitors. Search engine optimisation requires all their Own time. but no outcomes are nevertheless observed after the considerable time period of this agony. Heard this before, don’t you think?

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How to Start a Wordpress Blog with Assist Blogger

A blog is really a straightforward web site, written inside the form of a diary. The simplicity in its structure its what makes it stand out from the rest. Blogs have turn into pretty popular within the last couple of years.

Lots of existing web-sites have changed their whole structure into a blogging 1; This change results in several advantages, such as much better management, a lot easier content publication and greater search engine optimization.To begin a weblog, you might have many no cost choices, but I personally recommend you host your own weblog, in place of applying no cost

blogging web-sites. My recommendation comes along with my private knowledge blogging. Several free blogs, like the ones identified in wordpress, blogger, etc. are restricted to the user’s agreement from each and every blogging service, and for that reason, could limit your capacity to monetize your blog. After all, who doesn’t prefer to be paid for one’s efforts even when its a hobby? That’s the principle cause I propose you own your personal “dot com” blog and not host it with cost-free solutions.

How To Start a blog and start off your individual Dot Com Weblog?

Step 1: Choose a Good Domain Name – You will get low-priced domain names on the net. Try Godaddy by way of example, and search for coupons on the net to have discounts for the domain registration.

Step two: You may need a hosting account- The hosting account is often a server space or laptop you rent space from, in order that your web page files is often stored and each time someone sorts your blog’s address, they see can basically see your weblog.You’ll want to get low cost hosting 1st (under $5 a month with Hostgator) till you may need a lot more energy to run your blog (when your weblog keeps expanding, the number of guests will boost and you’ll need to have a better hosting service). Until then, stick with all the shared hosting atmosphere, it ought to hold your blog alive for a minimum of a year.

Step three: Now which you possess a domain name in addition to a hosting account, you’ll want to configure your domain name server, to ensure that it points for your hosting account. Within your domain registrar’s account, you should be capable to alter your “Nameservers”. This is a quick url your hosting business assigns you in order for the domain to point to their very own servers. Just input your hosting name server address (NS1 and NS2 in most cases) and also you really should wait 24 hours or less till they propagate and you will be capable of start out utilizing the account.

Step four: Following your name servers propagate, you will now want to login into your handle panel (cpanel -usually located at Once logged in, the easiest strategy to install the WordPress Weblog Platform is by way of “fantastico”. Fantastico is really a neat small tool identified inside the cpanel, that allows you to install the whole blogging platform having a single click. Now look for the fantastico icon and click on it. You will see a menu around the left side with various computer software categories. Locate the Blog category and try to find “WordPress”, click on it and install it. kind your blog’s address inside the browser to make sure it installed correctly.

Step Five: Now that your blogging platform is installed, you could now proceed to log in to your blog’s administration and get to know the interface. To add a brand new post, merely click around the “add new” under the “Post” submenu in the left. When you open it, you’ll notice it really is pretty related to any word processing application. You’ll be able to add text, adjust the text properties, size, colour, and font. It is possible to add photographs, position them and resize them. Write a test post and click the “publish” button to create it public.

Step Six: Congratulations in your new weblog! Now go ahead and alter themes to make it appear better (tons of no cost themes at and customize it with widgets, plugins and most importantly, add new fresh and original content just about every week.

How to Make Money From Home in Best Ways

How to Make Money From Home
Tired of possessing to devote hours commuting among work and household daily? Tired of having to hear your boss nag at you daily for carrying out a thing he will not see eye to eye with? Well, why perform for a person when you can make income in the comfort of one’s own residence? Take into consideration household based organizations as an alternative towards the usual 9 to 5 jobs that your pals and household may have.

Often, the quantity of effort and overtime perspiration place in may not often justify the low spend they acquire. Compare that to property based jobs that pay you according to how much you perform, and realize that there are actually really a number of added benefits to functioning from dwelling. As such, 4 methods tips on how to make money from home might be discussed to view how these opportunities could be suitable for you.

Freelance Designing

This will be the job for you personally should you be keen to pursue a profession in designing or possess a very good portfolio that’s able to impress a lot of. Some internet sites present you function in unique fields including web styles, graphic designs or perhaps animation creations. So, depending in your interests and also strengths you are able to pick to perform for projects that could assist to advance your profession within the future.

Freelance Writing

If you are passionate about writing and creating original articles and content material, freelance writing is actually a job that allows you to do just that.This job permits you to improve the command of your language, as well as raise your know-how about a specific topic as you conduct study concerning the event you happen to be about to write on. Most correspondence will take place by means of emails and also you are might be paid on per project basis.

Residence Tutoring

Feel of offline jobs as a strategy to earn major bucks. Property tutoring is 1 great example that numerous have invested in to create thousands per month. What superior way to earn money than let previous experiences operate for you?

This refers to employing expertise and experiences gained by means of schools once you were younger which will let you impart the relevant know-how to your students. In case you get pleasure from working with young children and have further rooms in your property to accommodate them, then tutoring young children are going to be a kind of function that allows you to earn great funds from dwelling.

Customer support

If possessing good communication expertise is what many people would describe you as, then you are extremely considerably wanted in this field. Customer service perform demands individuals who get pleasure from interaction with others and are in a position to deal with difficult clients more than the telephone or online.

So, in case you feel which you possess these qualities, start out by impressing your employer along with your powerful persuasive skills and handle your client relations nicely to excel in your function.

They are four widespread ways lots of housewives and retirees invest in to earn dollars throughout their spare time. You will discover thousands of other on the internet and offline corporations out there on the web. So start out researching and discovering How to make money from home now!

How to choose a good blog name

choose a good blog name
There are three simple rules to follow when choosing a blog name:

1) It must describe your blog: it is probable that lots of people will see a link to your blog before having the chance to actually read it (in search engines, for instance). Guess what, if just by looking at the name they can figure what the blog is about they will be more likely to visit it.

2) It must be easy to remember: suppose your blog talks about cycling, fitness and health advice in general. Naming it “The Cycling, Fitness and General Health Advice Blog” would offer quite an exhaustive description of the blog, but would it also be easy to remember? Stick with simple names.

3) It must be equal to the domain name: this rule is often ignored by people, probably because finding a suitable domain that has not been registered yet is a difficult task. Still if your domain name does not match the blog name you will probably lose some readers along the way. When people visit your blog through a link they will just read the name of the blog. Should they decide to revisit the site a couple of days later they will just type that name followed by a dot com. If they do not find your blog once they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.

Difference between Google PageRank and SEOMOZ Domain Authority

Over the past few months, Google is continually being criticised for its frequent and infamous Pandas and Penguins. Surprisingly, people are increasingly ditching PageRank in favour of Moz (formerly SEEOMoz) Domain Authority, and the trend has been on the rise for quite some time now. So does that mean that PageRank's authority is being undermined? And what exactly is Domain Authority? More importantly, how do the two stack up against each other? In this post, we attempt to answer some of these questions.

Best Content Writing Secrets of Professional Bloggers

Are you a writer? Do you try really hard to write an article but still not get enough user response and feedback? You research for hours and utilize your brain to its fullest and are still not able to produce an effective piece of writing? What if I told are not focusing on the things that need to be focused on? Without knowing what qualitatively affects your written content, how can you produce an effective one? Let me tell you a few of the most important content writing tips you, as a content writer, should know. These are also the various writing etiquettes and techniques used by the professional bloggers which make their writing effective. So, instead of blaming and underestimating yourself, focus on these 15 secrets to improve your writing substantially:

RebelMouse Bloggers Can now build their Social Website!

“RebelMouse” is the new web service launched by Huffington Post CTO “Paul Berry”. It’s a free service that organizes your online presence into a sleek, beautiful, and dynamic social site. Currently the “RebelMouse” service is in beta, and new features are constantly being added. People make personal websites, but these personal pages are often neglected and are a source of constant embarrassment. Well, worry not. RebelMouse is there for you.
RebelMouse links your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more of your social sites to your RebelMouse page and publishes the content that you shared on these social network sites. You can then add content (Posts, Videos, and Images etc.) directly to your page, plus you can customize and rearrange your posts. The resultant is a sleek, good looking, social page that updates dynamically with your social network. In short, RebelMouse can be used to automatically generate a personal page with content that it pulls from your social networks.

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How To Get Thousand of Unique Traffic For your Content

The secret to becoming a great content writer is to produce great content. Pretty straightforward, yes? What determines the traffic hits for your content is the topic. This 'topic' part is the most important one and also the first and foremost thing to decide before the actual writing. A content writer would always wish to acquire a constant source of unique and interesting topics for him to write on, but such a source is naturally not available. This is why generating ideas that can grab you an ample amount of traffic is the hardest step in online content writing. But there are solutions to every issue right? Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you in generating traffic catchy ideas for your content.

1. Brainstorm:

Brainstorming is one technique used in writing that actually helps a lot. For content writers, it can generate several ideas for a topic. What you need to do is write down the subject of interest or your core topic on the top of a page and then write all that you can think of about that topic. You may even write phrases or draw images but make sure everything that comes to your mind about that particular topic is written on the page. When you’re done, you analyze the words and phrases and generate a creative topic. Brainstorming helps you in identifying the several unique aspects that you can approach a topic with and hence makes the ideological step of your writing easier.

2. Use Social Media:

The social media networking websites like Facebook get almost everything shared on them and all sorts of discussions made on them. By logging on to Facebook from a researcher’s point of view, you can actually gather a lot of intel about what’s hot and what’s not. You can also check the reviews of various people about a particular subject which can help you in narrowing down your search for idea generation.

3. Check the latest trends:

An old and obsolete topic is not welcomed by many. You need to make sure what you write on, is what’s hot in the market these days. You can use a lot of different platforms to analyze for what is being discussed the most currently about your subject of interest. You will naturally come up with many ideas for your topic and the traffic would naturally be attracted to the owing to the fact that the topic is modern and recent.

4. Interview your target audience:

One fine way of knowing what attracts the audience is going and asking them this question. You can casually, discuss about a subject with random people from your target audience just to know about their thoughts and preferences which will help you in identifying what needs to be written on. Google might be a really good tool for research but getting live opinion from people has its own advantages. Use them to the fullest so as to generate effective and creative plus essential ideas for your content writing.

5. Actively participate in forums:

A forum is a place where people get to make discussions about a particular something. You cannot go interview your whole target audience, can you? However, an easy way of interacting with them is via forums. Participate in forums, give your opinions, respond to others’ and also see how others respond to your opinions. You can get to learn a lot of stuff about a particular subject with these discussions and that will naturally open up your mind and make it easier for you to determine what to write on.

6. Stalk other’s work:

Now I'm not talking about simply stealing other’s ideas as that is never recommended. The purpose of this stalking should be to identify what others are writing about a particular subject. This is generally the most helpful approach as it makes things pretty clear to you but you should not go for it all the time. Once you get to know what others discussing about a subject, you can wither discuss your own opinion about it or pick up a similar aspect of that subject to write on.

7. Use Google Search suggestions:

Google Search is technically a writer’s very good friend. But here we’re specifically talking about the Google Searching robot which can help you in identifying what’s hot. The search suggestions list is based on what is searched the most about a particular topic. You can actually try that out to generate traffic catchy and important ideas for your content. Just type a phrase on Google search and let Google tell you what’s important about it.

8. Observe the electronic and print media:

The electronic and print media like the Television and newspapers, respectively, can increase your knowledge about subject a lot. Also, the topics and ideas presented there are very proper and essential as they are naturally meant for a large audience. They can help you in identifying various unique and interesting aspects of a particular subject which you can write on later. You may also check old newspaper and observe the trends and patterns used there and apply them to your writing.

9. Newsjacking:

The process of newsjacking is to extract various unique ideas from a news that you can write on. This is mainly used by journalists while writing newspaper headlines. You will see that quite often, an important topic is not approached directly but from an indirect and unique perspective. You need to take a constructive angle of a topic and write on it. An interesting and compelling idea will naturally attract more traffic than a plain and straightforward one.

10. Jot down ideas for future reference:

While doing any of the above procedures of even if you’re doing nothing at all, but suddenly an idea comes to your mind, write that down. Keep a proper notepad for this purpose. You can later review and analyze your notebook to get assistance in generating several creative and innovative ideas. We tend to forget things after a while and its best to write them down. An idea may not appear really appealing at some time, but later with a more open mind, you might be able to produce a great content out of it.

Got any tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments section below. Peace :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

SS Solutions& services

SS Solutions&Services

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